BCA: Opening Gateway of Career Opportunities in the field of IT


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An inclination and zeal towards computer operations along with sound technical knowledge is what is required to thrive in the field of IT.  Graduation courses in this domain are structured to endow students with the technological aspects of IT and networking through subjects like Database management system, Computer Networks, System analysis & Design, Statistics & Optimization techniques, various Computer languages, etc.

As is the case with any stream, BCA degree courses open two options for the graduates, i.e., either pursuing higher studies in any specialized domain or opting for a job in any Software company, after which they may climb up the value chain by giving their best in the chosen stream. This field opens plenty of opportunities for technically trained brains. Students may choose from a host of profiles available in this domain such as:

Web programmer: The core responsibility is to produce fully functional programs, writing clean, testable code, identify system requirements, integrate backend and create technical documentation.

Database Administrator: This role includes building Database systems of high quality, designing & implementing databases in accordance to end user’s needs & views, etc.

Software Engineer/Systems Engineer: The core role is to analyze user’s needs, produce specifications, tailor and deploy software tools, processes and metrics, execute full software development lifecycle, comply with project plans & industry standards etc.

Business Analyst/Tech Analyst: The role is to define configuration specifications and business analysis requirements, perform quality assurance, develop relationships with partners, help design, document and maintain system processes, etc.

Chief Technology Officer: This profile can be achieved after gaining few years of experience, the role is to evaluate the newest & most innovative technologies and determine how these can help the organization to gain a competitive edge over others.

Apart from above mentioned profiles, other job roles can be found in the areas of Software Publishing, Academics,  Start-up, IT specialists in Media, Print and Publishing Houses, etc.  Asian School of Business is ranked among best BCA colleges in Delhi NCR due to its extraordinary teaching pedagogy, cutting edge curriculum and high-end industry interface that focus on creating employable professionals. It provides aspirants to become capable enough to grab the career opportunities available in this field.


Making career in Website and App Development through IT education


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If you have always been intrigued by software, computer working and communication, IT field holds a stack of opportunities for you. BCA degree courses are among the most sought after courses for aspirants keen to make career in IT sector. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3 year under graduation course that is structured to transform students into highly skilled IT professionals. This course provides a vast range of opportunities to the students who wish to work in this field as programmer or software developer.

Among many other options that a BCA graduate can take up, Website and App Development stands out as a promising field. As per industry orientation and expectations, top BCA colleges have aligned their course structure to provide individuals with the requisite knowledge of entering and sustaining in this domain. With the E-Commerce activities witnessing a continuous growth, the need for businesses to establish their online presence is also increasing. By offering user- friendly websites, businesses not only enhance the user experience but also make the sites appealing. A customer is likely to spend more time on a website which is visually pleasing, provides information that he or she is looking for and is easy to access. Businesses have realized the significance of optimal websites and are rigorously working to make user experience convenient.

BCA Course Noida

Similarly, app development is another domain which has seen a tremendous growth due to M- Commerce. More and more consumers prefer products or services that can be accessible through few clicks or taps on their phones. Analyzing this trend, many companies have routed towards creating mobile friendly websites or apps. Hence, the industry is expected to show immense career opportunities for potential professionals.

Although the curriculum for BCA courses in India may differ from institute to institute but it broadly covers fundamental aspects like: Computer Architecture, IT Tools and Applications, Networking, Operating Systems, Database Management System, Data structure, Programming languages like ‘C’, ‘Java’ and more, Mathematics and Algebra, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Visual Basic and Graphics, Programming using PHP, JAVA, Oracle and more, Web Scripting and Development, System Analysis and Design, etc.

Bachelor of Computer Applications - BCA Courses Delhi


Establish Career in the IT World after Earning a BCA Degree

In the corporate and Information & Technology world on various different levels, professionals with excellent skills perform to get better and profitable outcomes or results. Experts and professionals from different industrial & corporate backgrounds consider and suggest gaining education from an established learning center. At various vibrant locations across India, numerous institutions offer degree education programs such as BCA degree courses, etc. Aspirants as per the trend in education join one of the best institutes to gain quality education and formal training.

The world of Information & Technology comprises various different platforms where the army of passionate and skilled professionals performs to create and develop software, programming of application software, etc. Education in this field is aggressively on the rise and adopted by the army of passionate learners. With the enthusiasm and passion, aspirants join one of the best BCA colleges in Delhi-NCR and inside various other vibrant locations across India.

Amid the experts in BCA education, Asian Business School is one of the leading and reputed schools for Bachelors in Computer Application. The institution provides special training programs and interactive sessions for the students. Experts and professionals at this competent platform impart excellent knowledge among the army of students, so that they can perform outstandingly on various platforms or inside different domains established across India and globally.

Gaining education under a BCA degree program inside an institution may be beneficial and helpful while facing the interviews or to grab opportunities. An aspirant with the BCA education background is in demand on different start-ups, small scale and large-scale IT & ITES organizations. Professionals and Experts from the IT background or industry suggest gaining education or earning a technical education degree, i.e. Bachelors in Computer Applications may be advantageous to establish career inside various IT and other established firms.

The Increasing Popularity of BCA Courses

The rapid advancing pace of information technology and communication systems have become a vital part of almost all organization’s strategic plan of action. Companies are now in need of experts to take advantage of the new information expertise, as they are the ones who can use computer science principles to solve various technical problems. As a result, computer application degree has become widely popular these days and the fee for this course is quite decent as compared to the courses.

The course is gaining popularity day by day for the obvious reasons, as it fosters the technical expertise at the same time save one year, in comparison to B.Tech (CS). Companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS, etc prefer taking BCA graduates, as they are available with this one year for training them whereas B Tech graduates are available post four years only. ASB is one of the top-notch awards winning education centre amongst the list of BCA Colleges in India.

India is the hub of numerous best tech institutions. Massive influx of aspirants pursues technical degree programs every year. BCA course is one of the masterly medium to get expertise in terms of Programming & Database Management, etc, which leads to better development of software and other applications. Course curriculum is an amalgamation of various programming languages, along with mathematical concepts and managerial skills designed in such a manner that it caters the present requirements in this area.

This is a complete computer oriented course consists of topics like Computer fundamentals, Digital Electronics, Logic gates, IC chips, networking essentials, Logical Designing. Programming in C, C++, Java, dot NET, Statistics, etc. Institutes like Asian School of Business think in the direction of overall personality growth of the student so that when student enters the corporate world he/she may work with full professionalism and dedication. Under the hands of skilled and experienced academics, a tech student performs better out there amidst the competitive environment.


A Course in IT- Bachelor in Computer Application

There are many Bachelor courses available for learning computers and the most popular is BCA.

BCA is a three years degree course therefore it saves one year when we compare it with BTech course and fee structure for BCA is quite nominal in comparison to other courses.PictureCompanies are now in need of experts to take advantage of the new information expertise, as they are the ones who can use computer science principles to solve various technical problems. As a result, computer application degrees have become vastly popular these days.

BCA Course specifically designed for getting expertise in Programming & Database Management, etc., which leads to better development of software. This course mainly emphasizes on Computer Applications development.

PictureCourse curriculum is designed in such a manner that it caters the ever-changing requirements of the software Industry by providing a vital combination of Programming languages, mathematical techniques and managerial aspects.

The main Advantage of BCA course is that student learns programming/ coding in different programming languages. Student develops an understanding about projects and application development with a logical perspective. BCA gives a good platform to show case the student’s potential in logical development of applications.

BBA Scope in India 2017–2020


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The business outlook for India is positive despite the economic slowdown majorly due to inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) and due to the supportive policies of government. The “Make in India“campaign of government has opened up Indian shores for business opportunities for organizations across the globe. This has made organizations around the world perceive India as one of the favored destinations for future business growth. In terms of best colleges for BBA in India, you are living in the den of advanced business administration education.

The challenges faced by the students after passing out from school are immense. At this crucial stage, career planning plays a vital role. Planning consist of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals .Matching and aligning what you want to do on one hand and with various opportunities on the other is important.

The competition is intensifying in the corporate world with more organizations setting up offices in India and existing ones expanding their business operations. In this cutthroat competition, the only distinctive characteristic to sail the boat smoothly is through hiring the right talent. As per a report by Michael Page, around 60% of the companies would be engaged in recruitment activities. This has opened up huge opportunities for students who have graduated in business administration and increases the scope of management courses.

BBA course

There is an immense pool of opportunities and varieties open for the students who wish to pursue Business Administration. The diverse functioning of an organization can be well understood by the students through a BBA Program. With its knowledge about corporate management and skills this program gives the students the exposure at an under graduation level to light up a significant spark in them to be industry ready for employment.

The organizations prefer students who have basic knowledge about business management.  In addition, Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is the right course for the students to equip them with the knowledge and expertise required by the organizations. A career demands a lifelong commitment; this program will provide a set of skills, knowledge and dispositions to help the students to enter the workforce easily and to apply what you have learned. The program provides a platform to the students where they learn the fundamentals of management and makes them industry ready. By the end of three-year course the students are exposed to varied concepts of business management and get a grasp of the major functional areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, international business, operations management.  The demand for the course is increasing day by day owing to the promising industry outlook and growth.


Compared to other bachelor’s courses, BBA course is a better course as it increases the employability skills of a student.  Organizations hire BBA graduates for responsible managerial position .There are wide variety of options after the completion of this degree, one can work as a as a business analyst, HR trainee, management trainee, operations analyst, business trainee, accountant, financial analyst, entrepreneur and many more business functions


BBA Program – The Stepping Stone of Management Students

BBA course

Modern business cannot survive and sustain without management. In the present age, when business goal is maximum prosperity with minimum efforts and resources, the importance of management can hardly be over-emphasised. A management course at the graduate level can build one of the most demanding and lucrative careers in management.

BBA program can enhance students’ perception of management that will make them more competitive with other graduates. This is a stepping stone for management students who would in future become industry leaders. They not only gain familiarity with various business concepts, but also develop strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. It is a professional degree covering most of business related management subjects, giving the students a competitive edge. It can also help them to become a very good entrepreneur, as it develops entrepreneurial skills, as few subjects that are included in the curriculum of BBA courses are entrepreneurship, marketing management, business development, etc.

Pursuing BBA course equips students with the knowledge and skills to work as a management trainee (MT) in a reputed organisation. There can be no more important area of study than management at graduate level that can directly improve career prospects. This gives them a better understanding of what makes people successful.

The BBA degree program would be an essential step in forging a strong career, as it provides training for supervisory and management roles. It provides encouraging environment for developing future managers. Pursuing BBA Course could be your ticket to a soaring career.


Path between desks in a classroom

Asian Education Group has proudly initiated Asian School of Business that has become the destination for imparting right skill set. The institute is offering undergraduate management degree (BBA Course) which is affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University (formerly, Meerut University).

This state was established in 1965, to cater to the needs of higher education in western Uttar Pradesh. The University celebrated its silver jubilee in 1991. Presently, it is one of the premier educational institutions of the country encompassing a vast, beautiful and pollution-free campus which sprawls over 222 acres of land having vast playgrounds and experimental fields, botanical garden, rose garden.

This university started offering M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in 1969 and takes credit of becoming first University in the country to have introduced M.Phil. programme.

Asian School of Business offers detailed curriculum of  Chaudhary Charan Singh University. Three Years Bachelor of Business Administration Programme



BBA-101: Business Organization

BBA-102: Business Mathematics

BBA-103: Principles of Economics

BBA-104: Book Keeping and Basic Accounting

BBA-105: Business Laws BBA-106: Fundamentals of Management BBA-107:

Business Ethics SEMESTER – II

BBA-201: Organization Behaviour

BBA-202: Business Communication

BBA-203: Indian Economy

BBA-204: Business Statistics

BBA-205: Business Environment

BBA-206: Principles of Accounting


BBA-301: Advertising Management

BBA-302: Indian Banking System

BBA-303: Human Resource Management

BBA-304: Marketing Management BBA-305: Company Accounts

BBA-306: Company Law


BBA-401: Consumer Behaviour

BBA-402: Financial Management

BBA-403: Production Management

BBA-404: Sales Management

BBA-405: Research Methodology

BBA-406: Operation Research


BBA-501: Managerial Economics

BBA-502: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

BBA-503: Income Tax

BBA-504: Cost and Management Accounting

BBA-505: Industrial Law

BBA-506: Fundamentals of Computer


BBA-601: International Trade

BBA-602: Strategic Management & Business Policy

BBA-603: Vat & Service Tax

BBA-604: Management Information System

BBA-605: Auditing

BBA-606: Fundamental of E-Commerce

Qualifying Paper BBA-008: Environmental Studies

Asian School of Business follows the vision “Growth with Education” and is committed to produce young managers with quality and substance. Our highly proficient and competent faculty is dedicatedly transforming the dreams to reality and helping the budding managers to reach the zenith of their careers.



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asian-school-of-business-bba-courseThe orthodox mindset states that the business acumen is either inherited from the previous generation or it is acquired while doing business for real. A specialty education is not required. On the other hand, the modern day thought process believes that to successfully establish a business and to keep it running efficiently in the global market, an individual needs more than just the talent. One needs to have all round business knowledge about the various units functioning within it and their interdependence.

You need functional know-how of finance, marketing and sales, as well as that of human resources to take care of all internal assets of your company. To be able to perform better than your competitor, and to have a sustainable customer base, the management education is necessary. When we talk about BBA, that is Bachelor of Business Administration, it is an industry-oriented program that empowers students with good foundation in business studies. It not only prepares them for managing any business, but also provides coaching to develop decision making and problem solving skills, communication skills and many others.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the BBA courses equip the students with practical training through industrial tours and visits. Through these undergraduate programs they will get familiar with the business environments, learn to work in teams, analyze business activities and operations, devise business plans and effective solutions to real world problems of the organization. The students will also acquire a range of life skills, such as presentation, critical reasoning and business etiquettes, which are essential to be successful at the workplace.

Like MBA, every BBA degree is targeted to holistic development of the students through competence and character building. The most reputed B-Schools devise stringent curriculum that integrates various disciplines of business education. There are foundation subjects like Economics, Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing Management, Business Law, and Mathematics for business. The other subjects include Psychology, Sociology, Market Research and Business Analytics that give students flexibility to extend their learning in their choice of field.

Formal education in Business Administration will train students to work in multiple business segments in an organization and will groom them to have a start-up of their own in future.



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Bachelor of Business Administration with Digital Marketing specialization is the emergence of a new kind of business program which has integrated core business courses with digital marketing courses. The students are taught and trained on business subjects in management, marketing, finance, technology, and project management along with the specialty subjects as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, visual marketing and web analytics.

imat_bbaWith present day businesses competing against each other in the digital universe, where customers’ reliance on smart phones, tablets and other digital devices is extremely high, the need of the hour is to tap every marketing opportunity hence created. As more companies require resources with digital business acumen to grow in international markets, building superior capabilities has become a decisive competitive asset.

The unique thing about BBA degree course with Digital Marketing as a major is that it develops your skills in market research, digital media marketing, and to some extent the proficiency in advertising. Where Business Administration teaches the traditional marketing strategies, the Digital Marketing familiarizes students with the new challenges of marketing in a digital world.

The Bachelor of Business Administration will provide you a thorough overview of business management and administration, better understanding of customer requirements, and the ways to make the connection between the customers and the business offering in order to attract and retain them. The concentration in the study field of digital marketing will enable you acquire new skills and knowledge in constructing integrated digital strategy, marketing analytics, customer data analysis, and more.

Asian School of Business has come up with a unique Bachelor degree program in Business Administration for young undergraduates that not only teach business courses to students, but also offer them additional specialization through Diploma in Digital Marketing. You will experience a global, job specific curriculum that will prepare you for an entry-level business career, in addition to a wide variety of career options in the digital world. Some of the potential career options are:

  • Digital Business Marketer
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Promotions Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Corporate Controller
  • Client Engagement Manager
  • Digital Operations Research Analyst